Galleries Night at Alserkal Avenue

Sept 15, 2014 – We went to the opening of Galleries Night at AlSerkal Avenue in Al Quoz.

I came from a family of artists. Little did anyone know, I have an uncle who was a mixed media artist and was based in Australia. My mum always helped me with my school projects and she herself is an amazing sketcher too. I have always been amazed on how she blends the colors. It somehow influenced me to be an art enthusiast.

I feel lucky that Dubai and the UAE is actively encouraging artists to showcase their skills and talent by having events like Galleries Night. The event was a success. I have met with some of the Instagrammers and did a mini Instameet.

Here are some of the photos I took..


galleriesnight galleriesnight-2 galleriesnight-3 galleriesnight-4 galleriesnight-5


Being a photographer, I guess one of the greatest achievements you will ever have is to be recognized in the field. By recognized, I don’t mean Selling Out like most photographers are, sadly! It may not always be winning a prize in a competition but also seeing your photos and works hanging on a wall in an exhibition.

I submitted my application form together with my 6 photos and photo story to Sharjah Art Foundation’s Open Call for this year’s Vantage Point Sharjah 2. I know its not good but I always send my submissions on the day of the deadline. Always. Not because am procrastinating but because I wanna make sure that I will submit my best capture and you know there’s no turning back once you submit it.

About a week or so after the deadline, I received an email from SAF informing me that six of my photos were selected. I was literally screaming my lungs out and jumping up and down. THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE! I have always imagined myself standing next to my photos in an exhibition talking and meeting art lovers, photo enthusiasts, co-photographers, family and friends. That day has come last August 30, 2014 at the opening reception of Vantage Point Sharjah 2. I am also fortunate enough to have my photos alongside 2 of the best Instagrammers in town, @manoshde and @b1ckey. I would like to thank my dear friends who supported and helped me in giving their two cents worth on my photos and photo story. It means a lot to me. 🙂

By the way, I fell in love with the Sharjah Heritage Area. I adore the mixture of old and new. The Art Spaces looked very futuristic as well. I think I left my heart in Sharjah haha! If you haven’t been to this area, please come and visit. The exhibition will run until December 3, 2014. It is located at SAF Art Spaces Building GH. Also, don’t forget to pass by their lovely urban garden. Peace and love! 🙂



vantagepoint vantagepoint-6 vantagepoint-10 vantagepoint-11 vantagepoint-14

Art Nights at Gate Village, DIFC

I attended the opening night of Art Nights in Gate Village, DIFC. I was in the mood to experiment and capture the movement of the people and artists around me hence I used the slow shutter speed and motion blur on some of my photos.

Artist Tarsila Schubert
Art watchers at the galleries
Sya and Steffi Bow’s master piece
Be still
Motion blur
DJ Lobito