My First SoleDXB Experience

So, it was my first time in Sole DXB and it didn’t fail my expectations, yaay! Here is my photo diary, hope you like them ❤

Where the talks are happening!
Where the talks are happening!

So many amazing and talented people all in one place and it LITERALLY BLEW MY MIND! Good music and great vibe courtesy of Uncle Jheff’s, thanks to DJ Cheriana for playing my jam – Digable Planet’s Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat), lol – OLD SKOOL yo!

DJ Cheriana
DJ Cheriana

It was great catching up with old friends as well. You guys rock!

And meeting new friends, yaay! Below are the portraits of the most beautiful girls in SoleDXB! #GirlPower


More random photos.. 

Too bad, I wasn’t able to stay til the after party. I heard it was LIT! I wanna thank all these unforgettable individuals who allowed me to take their videos/photos and were patient with me and made sure I got my shots.

Also check out the short video I did!! Let me know your thoughts! << Click this or go to Don’t forget to leave some LOVE!

See you all next year! Peace! #SoleDXB




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