Galleries Night at Alserkal Avenue

Sept 15, 2014 – We went to the opening of Galleries Night at AlSerkal Avenue in Al Quoz.

I came from a family of artists. Little did anyone know, I have an uncle who was a mixed media artist and was based in Australia. My mum always helped me with my school projects and she herself is an amazing sketcher too. I have always been amazed on how she blends the colors. It somehow influenced me to be an art enthusiast.

I feel lucky that Dubai and the UAE is actively encouraging artists to showcase their skills and talent by having events like Galleries Night. The event was a success. I have met with some of the Instagrammers and did a mini Instameet.

Here are some of the photos I took..


galleriesnight galleriesnight-2 galleriesnight-3 galleriesnight-4 galleriesnight-5


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