My First SoleDXB Experience

So, it was my first time in Sole DXB and it didn’t fail my expectations, yaay! Here is my photo diary, hope you like them ❤

Where the talks are happening!
Where the talks are happening!

So many amazing and talented people all in one place and it LITERALLY BLEW MY MIND! Good music and great vibe courtesy of Uncle Jheff’s, thanks to DJ Cheriana for playing my jam – Digable Planet’s Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat), lol – OLD SKOOL yo!

DJ Cheriana
DJ Cheriana

It was great catching up with old friends as well. You guys rock!

And meeting new friends, yaay! Below are the portraits of the most beautiful girls in SoleDXB! #GirlPower


More random photos.. 

Too bad, I wasn’t able to stay til the after party. I heard it was LIT! I wanna thank all these unforgettable individuals who allowed me to take their videos/photos and were patient with me and made sure I got my shots.

Also check out the short video I did!! Let me know your thoughts! << Click this or go to Don’t forget to leave some LOVE!

See you all next year! Peace! #SoleDXB



Rove Hotels

Listen up backpackers, urban explorers, young professionals, travellers and the like. We need to talk! So, there’s a new a hotel in Dubai and I have been meaning to visit Rove Hotels in Downtown Dubai for such a long time since I have heard about its opening a few months ago. Rove Hotels is a collab between the leading global property developers in UAE – Emaar and Meraas. They will soon open their next hotels in Jafiliya and Deira, adopting its design and interiors to its environment. The downtown one is its first. The awesome thing about it is the concept, the new clashes beautifully with the old. It is urban contemporary with a twist of arabesque interior. It is hip, young and trendy – you will find so many hashtags on the wall, stationaries, pens, paper cups, etc., living up to its millenial image. Atworks and paintings done by local artists can be seen everywhere and just before you take the lift on your left side is the locker area, where you can leave your stuff while you roam around the city and collect it before your flight or before u leave the city. Parking is very spacious.

I am a big fan of huge spaces and windows, white walls and minimalism. The moment I stepped in their hotel, I told myself – this is it, I can identify to it immediately!

It offers a lot of cool new features and amenities, such as the Noor Alhaya Laundry, it is a 24 hour self service laundromat – the first of its kind here in Dubai. It made me want to hang and chill in this room. So good, it made me visited it twice. Also, it smells so good and clean!

On the Mezzanine Floor –  you will find their unique, fresh and colorful meeting rooms. Following their concept of self service, the meeting rooms can be arranged by yourselves according to the setup that suits you best.

The Pitstop is an area where you can have your casual meeting or just hang with your colleagues and work together.

The prayer rooms are on this floor as well as their swimming area and the gym.

I was booked in a 01 Rover room for one night. The room was clean and simple and it had a huge window but get this – my room’s view was really spectacular! It was facing the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. WiFi is also free. So, if you ever feel like exploring around downtown, this hotel is the best choice for it!

The Daily is the place to be when you need to unwind and dine. I highly recommend their best seller, The Energizer – their green and refreshing smoothie packed with energy boosting celery and green apple. Also, this is where The Bench Brunch happens every weekend, AED 99 per person.


As their tagline goes, “There’s no place like ROVE.”


For more info, contact ROVE HOTELS at:

Tel. no: +971 4 561 9000


Follow them on:





We always have reasons to avoid the things we love the most. We lack finding ways to overcome our laziness. We procrastinate. Often times, we blame the weather or our “artist block”. We lack inspiration. We want to discover and explore but for some, transportation is always an issue. There will always be millions of reasons out there believe me. Because I have used those excuses as well, lool! But I hate myself for not seizing the moment and taking as much photos as I could. So armed with my Fuji XE1 cam, I strutted my way to the streets of Dubai.

I was actually inspired to do a solo photo walk last Sunday after work when I came across an article about a Hong Kong based Filipina nanny/street photographer. Like her, sometimes I drag my feet to go to streets and shoot. She takes compelling photos in B&W. Whole day I was daydreaming of sitting in front of Maze Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road and wait for that perfect shot. One way or another you will fall in love with the skyscrapers if you are living in Dubai. I wanna try aerial shots as well. According to Beno, you see a whole lot of different perspective when you’re high above the sky.

I am posting some of my street photos from my solo photo walk project. Oh by the way, I am pleased to inform you all that 6 of my photos were selected by Sharjah Art Foundation through their Open Call of Vantage Point Sharjah 2. Please come and join us for the opening reception on August 30, 2014, 6:30pm in Building GH SAF Art Spaces, Al Mureijah, Heritage Area in Sharjah. Exhibition will run until December 3, 2014. I cannot wait to see my photos being exhibited for the first time! Will take lots of photos again during the exhibit and will post it on here. See you all there. 🙂

Just go shoot!


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