A beautiful person from inside and out.

Tobias is one half of the florist duo of Volet, bringing botanical bouquets and flowers to Dubai. He is half-Sudanese, half German, with a passion for Middle Eastern plants. He currently runs Volet, a florist shop on Sheikh Zayed Road. I met him during a photoshoot for Brownbook magazine. The issue will be out in May 2015.

Here are some of the photos I took of him.

For more info about Volet Dubai:

Catching up… Post the people!

I was kind of missing in action on here but is really active on my Instagram account (@debbiefortes). So many things have happened in the past few months since my last post. So many photos and so little time. By the way, March and April will be busy months for me as Dubai Art Season will be on again. It’s a month long season of arts activities, workshops and exhibitions. I cannot wait to cover this event and share it with you all. Also, some of my photos are up for sale very soon. Ill put up a button where you can buy it from my website.

So if you are interested to know what I was up, here are some of the photos.. and yes, I had my first prenup shoot too.  Very interesting but I had fun doing it though.


Debbie_fortes_the naked truth


My First Pre-natal Photoshoot

On a lighter side of photography, I was invited by an Indonesian friend of mine to help and assist her with her first (yes her first too) pre-natal photoshoot last week. Due to lack of light, we made some improvisation. We didn’t use any soft box or beauty dish or what not. With the help of her lamp light and the ambient light, coming from the window as our light source.

Here are some of the photos I took during the photo shoot session. Also, I learned something in Photoshop. I now know how to add borders, watermark and some 3D effect which I’ll use very soon in my future photos 🙂

Peace and love x

Camera: Fuji XE1

Lens: Fujinon 18-55mm


Shinta with borders -4 Shinta with borders-3 vanya_with_bordersbw