First EuroTrip Part 2

The second country that I visited during my First Euro Trip was The Netherlands.

I took the ICE from Berlin Central Station to Amsterdam Centraal. The train left at exactly 10:30 am. I almost missed it as I got lost in the Berlin subways *sigh*. Got off from Hermannplatz or so I thought. Got out of the station and hailed a taxi (i know its a sin to take a taxi in Europe as it costs a lot, but idc anymore lol. Its either I pay 27 Euros or Ill waste 120 Euros). I reached Berlin Central Station panting and confused af as to which platform to take, thank God for their Information who told me to take the Platform 14. And you know what, Platform 14 is all the waaaaay up, so I again I need to move quickly as possible as I can. Fly if I can! As soon as I got on to platform, the train arrived. *WHEEEW* All’s well that ends well. Got on the train that will take me to Amsterdaaaaaam!

Amsterdam Centraal
Amsterdam Centraal

Arriving in Ams, the vibe is a bit different from the more reserved and hushed city of Berlin. Ams is loud and bright and colorful with too many tourists here and there. If you are not into these (like me) and if you like quiter moments with yourself or friends, I recommend that you explore and discover hidden gems at the back streets. I don’t know how to ride a bike so obviously I really looked like a tourist, ugh! I highly recommend that you rent a bike (if you know how) it will defo save you from walking a lot around the city. >>> BIKE HIRE <<<

I stayed at Ramada Apollo Amsterdam. If you don’t like the crowd and would like to stay away from people (lol, just like me again) – I highly recommend this hotel. And should you ever decide to stay here, you must go to their roofie to see the view of the city. Don’t worry this is just 15 minute tram ride to the city centre.

Must do: First, get yourself the Iamsterdam card. You can purchase it from the visitor centers. It costs 75 Euros. You can use it on trams, ferry ride and free entries in selected museums. Too bad Anne Frank House and A’dam Lookout aren’t included.

Get the IAmsterdam card
Get the IAmsterdam card

Must visit:

  1. Eye Filmmuseum – This is included in IAmsterdam card. All you have to do is to take the ferry behind Amsterdam Centraal. Ferry cost = zero
Eye Film Museum
Eye Film Museum


2. Van Gogh Museum – I didnt know his life is interesting until I visited the museum. Included in the IAmsterdam card. Go check this!

3. Micropia – This is included in IAmsterdam card also. Not sure if this is a permanent exhibit but if yes, then this one is a very interesting place to visit whilst in Ams. Beside Micropia is the zoo, which i wasn’t able to visit because they were already closed at 5pm.

Spiral staircase in Micropia
Spiral staircase in Micropia

4. Zaanze Schans – The Windmills, need I say more? It’s a 30 minute train ride from Amsterdam Centraal.


5. Amsterdam Museum – learn more about the Dutch history!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

6. Museum of Prostitution – learn more about the oldest profession in the world located at the Red Light District.

A tourist poses as a prostitute.
A tourist poses as a prostitute.

7. The Art of Banksy – This isn’t included in the IAmsterdam card so I paid for it. The exhibition is a collection of all Banky’s art pieces and is considered as one of his biggest exhibitions. Runs until January 8, 2017.

8. Anne Frank House I wasn’t able to go at Anne Frank House as I thought that you can only get in when you book online (which is fully booked til the end of the year). On my last day in Ams, I learned that they also accept walk ins from 3pm til late. Will definitely come back soon and make sure to visit Anne Frank!

Outside Anne Frank House
Outside Anne Frank House


9. Stuff your face with their stroopwafels. Chill by the canal. Rent a bike! Enjoy life 🙂

So there you go! My first Eurotrip! If you have any questions, feel free to send them over to me. Peace!

Camera used: iPhone6

Post process: VSCO


2 responses to “First EuroTrip Part 2”

  1. Oh that spiral staircase…. magnificent Debbie!!

    1. Yay! Yeah, can’t help but take a photo of this spiral staircase. Hope all is well with you Les 🙂

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