Community members of Instagrammers Dubai and Peeta Planet team actively participated the 10th Worldwide Instameet held last October 5th. The theme was “Chasing Sunrise”. The members gathered at the Creek Metro Station at dawn. During this time, each members were given some Instagram freebies such as stickers, badges and pens.

First, we covered Saif Mohd Belqaizi Shipbuilding Yard which is located just a few steps away from the Creek Metro Station. The place may be an unlikely place to have an Instameet but I was fortunate that I woke up at 5am and witness a hidden gem behind those high walls of Jadaf. I am truly amazed at the ships being built and according to a shipbuilder one ship can take 5-10 years to be finished.

Here are some of my photos taken at the #WWIM10_Dubai. I was trying to mute the colors and decided to go B&W this time.

And oh by the way, Instagram just made me their SUGGESTED USER follow me if you haven’t @needlez_and_pinzz

Peace and love x

WWIM10-3 WWIM10-5 WWIM10-7 WWIM10-11



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