One fine weekend at Bastakiya in the Old Dubai.

Al Bastakiya is a historic district in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Al Bastakiya is named after the Bastak region of Iran, from where many Iranians emigrated to Dubai in the early 18th century. The construction of Al Bastakiya dates back to the 1890s. In its prime, the locality was capable of supporting 60 housing units, most of which were separated by narrow, winding lanes.


Nikon D7000
Camera: Nikon D7000 f/4.2 1/8000 ISO - 500
Camera: Nikon D7000 f/6.3 1/640 ISO - 500
At the Coffee Museum
Camera: Nikon D7000 f/4 1/60 ISO-160
I just like this tree in Bastakiya. Its somewhat magical and mystical.
Camera: Nikon D7000 f/5.6 1/8000 ISO- 500
Sunset at the Dubai Creek

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